September 2022 - District Report

A Message from Bill Dodd

Dear Neighbor,

Fall’s arrival marks the culmination of a busy legislative session. My bills to address California’s most pressing issues such as wildfire prevention, affordable housing and climate change have been signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Other bills are on his desk and await his pen by Sept. 30.

As always, I'm eager to hear your ideas and am available to help you with state agencies. You can contact me by visiting my website or by calling my offices.

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Bill Dodd
Senator, 3rd District

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Week

In recognition of the critical role the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta plays in California’s economy and environment, I designated the last week of September as Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Week.

The Delta is a cherished watershed and the very lifeblood of California’s water system. It is vital to our state as both a natural resource teeming with abundant wildlife and fish and a vital economic driver for tourism, recreation and Delta farmers. We must continue to protect it for future generations by preventing pollution and further marshland degradation and promoting its environmental health.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 119 establishes Delta Week, which kicks off Sept. 25.


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Legislative Update: Defensible space, affordable housing, climate change

It has been a productive legislative session. As of this writing, the governor has signed nearly as dozen of my bills and others are on his desk.

Highlights of my signed bills include:

SB 103 Faithless Electors: This bill ensures the will of the voters is not thwarted by rogue electors who do not fulfill their obligations to cast ballots for the winning presidential candidate.

SB 561 Affordable Housing: This bill requires the state to identify any of its surplus property that could be used for the construction of housing, easing our state’s housing crisis.

SB 852 Climate Resilience: Gives local governments the authority to create climate resilience districts to invest in projects that address issues such as sea-level rise and carbon emissions.

SB 896 Defensible Space Inspections: Increases conformity to laws requiring the clearing of brush around structures to prevent loss of life and property.

SB 979 Hospital Emergencies: Ensures our hospitals can provide the best care to patients during emergencies such as pandemics and wildfires.


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September is Emergency Preparedness Month

With dual emergencies in the coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented wildfires, it is a good time to remember our shared responsibility to protect ourselves. It’s also helpful to note important services offered by California Office of Emergency Services, Cal Fire and Department of Public Health.

COVID-19: Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Avoid gatherings. Stay home if you feel sick. Details are here

Wildfires: Register for disaster alerts. Create a defensible space around your home. Pack a go-bag in case of an evacuation. More useful tips:


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Child Passenger Safety Week

Recognizing the value of properly installed car and booster seats in safeguarding children, we passed a resolution designating the third week of September as Child Passenger Safety Week.

We know that putting in car seats correctly can save lives. All too often they are improperly installed and children are injured or even killed. My hope is to bring awareness to this situation and prevent the future tragic loss of life.

During Child Passenger Safety Week, AAA and the California Highway Patrol will encourage people to sign up for their free car seat inspections.

The resolution as sponsored by AAA Northern California with the support of public safety advocates and the Automobile Club of Southern California.


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Submit your idea for a new law

Do you have an idea for a new law or a change to existing law that will help our state better serve the public? All constituents are invited to submit ideas and proposals of their own for a new state law.

Click here to submit your ideas for consideration.


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In the News

Here is some of the latest news coverage in the district that may be of interest to you. As always, please contact my office if you have any questions about state policy or want to express your position or ideas for legislation.

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