August 2017 - District Report

A Message from Bill Dodd

Dear Neighbor,

This month, children across our district are heading back to school, and in Sacramento the legislature will be considering key issues. I’m working to ensure we advance critical policies to the Governor’s desk to support our schools, working families, and seniors. You can learn more about key bills we’ve passed in this month’s newsletter.

As summer comes to a close, I hope everyone was able to enjoy some relaxing time with friends and family. It is always important to take a minute to be thankful for the safety and protection of our loved ones. My thoughts are with those who are suffering at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, and I am heartened to see so many Californians stepping up to help those in need. You can learn how to help by visiting FEMA’s website.

In this Issue:

As always, my office is available to help you with state agency or answer any questions you might have. You can contact me by visiting my website.



Bill Dodd
Senator, 3rd District

National Back to School Month

With August comes the start of a new school year. Education is absolutely critical to the future of our state, and I am committed to making sound investments in our public schools and universities, as well as early childhood education. Throughout the district, there are also organizations that have taken it upon themselves to help out with school expenses for our students and teachers. Our office would like to recognize the following outstanding organizations:

United Way of the Wine Country – Providing backpacks with school supplies and volunteer opportunities to help increase children’s reading skills at local schools. (District-wide)

Backpacks for Kids – Providing backpacks full of school supplies for students in need. (Yolo County)

Teacher Resource Center – Focuses on providing the best environment for students by donating school supplies to classroom teachers. (North Bay)

I hope all students and parents in my district have a happy and successful school year.

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Legislative Updates

As the legislature reconvenes this month, I’m proud of the legislative package my team and I have developed. Three of my bills have already been signed by the Governor, with more still going through the legislative process. I will continue to push forward strong public policy that will leave our state a better place for future generations.

  • SB 240 – Farmworker Housing – Last month, Governor Brown signed SB 240, a bill I authored that would help our farmworker housing centers get additional funding by allowing Napa County grapegrowers to increase their self-imposed financial contributions for the centers. Additionally, we were able to secure a $250,000 in additional funding for farmworker housing in Napa County. For decades, Napa County has had an impact on the global economy through its world renowned wine industry, and it’s important that we provide our farmworkers with the support they need.
  • SB 204 – Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Orders – According to the California Women‘s Health Survey, approximately 40% of California women will suffer at the hands of domestic violence. It is our responsibility to help those in danger and provide them with the services they need. SB 204 will allow California to recognize and enforce Canadian domestic violence protective orders, reflecting the ability of citizens to move freely between the United States and Canada. The Governor signed the bill last month, which will help ensure the protection of victims as they cross international and state lines.
  • SB 365 – Formation of Solano County Parks District – California has some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country, and protecting those lands is of utmost importance. Parks help us preserve the beauty of California for future generations, while also benefiting our health and economy. SB 365 would give the Solano County Board of Supervisors permission to move forward with creating a parks district in Solano County, allowing for better management of Solano’s open spaces and parks. The bill is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature.
  • SB 228 – Supporting Career Education – California is an internationally recognized leader in the production of wine and beer. Many of these products are made by students who learned their trade in our public colleges. We need to ensure that we are able to meet the future workforce demands of the California and teach students practical skills. My bill would allow brewing programs to sell their products, which will provide financial support and practical experience for students. The same privileges already exist for winemaking programs. Governor Brown signed my bill last month.

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Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, my office has sponsored many events and workshops in the district that help provide educational opportunities and connect people to available resources. Here is a list of upcoming events in the district:

  • Davis – Town Hall | October 2nd, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Winters  – Town Hall | October 9th, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Saint Helena – Town Hall | October 18th, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Sonoma – Town Hall | October 25th, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Vallejo – Veterans Resource Fair | November 6th, 2:00-4:00pm

Check back to find additional events and information on the “Upcoming Events” section of our website, found here.

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In the News

While California has made meaningful progress in a number of areas over the last year, there is still much work to be done. Of particular importance, this year is ensuring that California maintains and expands our progress towards affordable healthcare coverage for all, environmental stewardship, educational opportunity, and protections for hardworking immigrants.

Here is some of the latest news coverage that may be of interest to you. As always, please contact my office if you have any questions about state policy or want to express your position or ideas for legislation.

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