POLITICS: Supporting Small Businesses, Appreciating Our Teachers, Helping the Homeless | Senator Bill Dodd


In this episode, Dr. O’Connell is joined by Senator Bill Dodd, who represents California’s 3rd District. They discuss the current state of affairs as well as what the government is doing to help certain groups and industries.

Questions from this episode include:

  •  How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the economy in the area you serve?
  •  What is being done currently to support the small businesses in your area and what advice do you have for small business owners to help them weather this storm?
  •  Do you have thoughts about how and when to begin reopening the economy?
  • What are your thoughts about how this pandemic is affecting students and what can be done to ensure they are receiving the education they deserve?

How does California survive a pandemic?‬

‪On the latest episode of “Then There’s California, Senator Bill Dodd and former CA Dept of Health Director, Dr. Karen Smith, talk about issues of health and heart as we all social distance and change our lives to survive COVID-19, and explain how following the advice of medical experts during this time can help SAVE lives.