2023-2024 Legislation

SB 3 Water Shutoff Protection: Extends 2018 Water Shutoff Protection to small water systems

SB 61 Native American Remains: Requires UC campuses to expedite return of remains & artifacts

SB 74 High Risk App Ban: Bans TikTok, others high-risk apps on state devices

SB 256 Davis Habitat Restoration: Modifies Prop. 70 to allow restoration, carbon capture in Davis

SB 263 Annuities: Adopts model on consumer protection for annuities, with enhanced duties to consumer

SB 271 Right to Repair: Wheelchair owners can repair own equipment

SB 277 Canned Cocktails: Allows beer-wine licensees to sell low-alcohol canned spirits cocktails 

SB 278 Elder Financial Abuse: Holds institutions accountable for fraud against seniors

SB 295 UC Scooter: Allows universities closer regulation of e-scooters and e-bikes

SB 296 In-Vehicle Cameras: Restricts use of images/data from in-cabin car cameras

SB 310 Prescribed Burning: Allows cultural burns from Native Americans

SB 313 AI Disclosures: Requires disclosure when govt. agencies using AI-bots

SB 328 Campaign Limits: Limits donations in school board and special district races

SB 329 Council Pay Caps: Increases pay caps for city council members

SB 353 Recycling: Adds large juice containers to state recycling program; Improves processing payment calc.

SB 361 Stream gages: Improves system of monitoring state’s streams

SB 387 Broadband on State Property: Allows lease of state property below market for broadband facilities

SB 430 Tied House Advertising: Limited exemption for multimedia company advertising

SB 436 Wildfire Mitigation: Develop statewide wildfire mitigation plan

SB 437 Presidential Elections: Notification of party nominees 75 days before general election

SB 478 Hidden Fees: Outlaws advertising that hides fees, does not disclose full price

SB 495 Cocktails to go: Allows rests to do cocktails to go & delivery

SB 504 Defensible Space: Encourages local governments to assess defensible space through grant priority

SB 630 Contractor Licensing: Revocations for failing probation, and contractor email contacts

SB 650 50/50 Raffle: Allows continuation of this important fundraising tool for nonprofits

SB 667 Nurse Midwives: Clarifies scope of practice for Nurse Midwives, ensuring patient access/care

SB 668 State Parks: Allows nonprofit operating and co-management agreements at state parks to continue

SB 808 CSU Harassment: Increases transparency/reporting of cases and settlement to Legislature

SB 896 AI Accountability Act: The AI Accountability Act ensures state agencies advance safeguards and consumer protections around AI.

SB 904 SMART: Cleanup of the SMART train’s enabling legislation and adds voter initiative powers.

SB 958 County of Napa surplus property: Authorizes the sale of Camp Coombs to the County of Napa

SB 1003 IOU wildfire mitigation plans: Directs the Office of Electrical Infrastructure Safety to more closely evaluate IOU wildfire mitigation, especially in regards to underground electrical lines.

SB 1014 Wildfire Mitigation Strategic Planning Act: Creates a framework for evaluating wildfire mitigation investments taken by public and private actors to better coordinate utility and non-utility wildfire mitigation efforts with the aim of increasing the overall effectiveness and cost of wildfire related spending.

SB 1071 Workers Comp reports: Authorizes an exemption to the requirement that a contractor carry worker’s compensation insurance at all times. The exemption permits the contractor to submit an affidavit to the CSLB affirming they do not have employees. 

SB 1159 Roadside veg. management: Directs the Office of Planning and Research to evaluate, and the California Secretary of Natural Resources to consider, including certain roadside wildfire risk reduction projects are categorically exempt from CEQA

SB 1166 Higher Ed data reporting: Extends existing reporting requirements for the CSU to deliver reports to the Legislature and public on sexual harassment and sex discrimination cases and extends these requirements to include both the Community College and UC systems.

SB 1243 Campaign contributions: Makes changes to clarify the definition of “Participant” in a local government proceeding, as well as when the prohibited contribution period begins. Clarifies that contributions are not aggregated between parties and that the restrictions do not apply to meeting a regional housing needs allocation.

SB 1379 Solano Sheriff: Allow retired annuitants working for the Solano County Sheriff to exceed the work limit to address a critical staffing need for the city of Vallejo

SB 1380 School quality and fiscal stability:

Promotes school district fiscal health, protects against insolvency when evaluating petitions for the establishment of charter schools and closes a loophole that allows a charter petition denied by a school district to be reconsidered as a countywide petition. 

SB 1384 Powered wheelchair repair

Establishes a framework designed to empower consumers and repair providers by facilitating access to crucial components, tools, and documentation necessary for the upkeep and repair of powered wheelchairs.

SCR 17 Artificial Intelligence: Underscores power of AI and risks; First AI-drafted state resolution