Building A More Sustainable Future

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

By: Assemblymember Bill Dodd

We live in beautiful region, and it’s critical that we come together to ensure we protect and improve it. That’s why I decided to serve in the state legislature in the first place – I wasn’t happy with the state that we’re on course to leave to our children and grandchildren. Across Sonoma County and across our state, people are looking for a good quality of life for their loved ones, and together, I truly believe we can leave future generations a better and more sustainable world.

We need a sustainable economy that supports small businesses and provides good paying jobs. We need stable school funding that invests in the leaders of tomorrow. And we need a sustainable environment which is critical to achieving these goals. This means addressing the threat of global climate, and I’m proud to say that California has continued to build on our record of leading this fight.

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